The merger of AT&T and Yahoo enabled login via Sbcglobal. If you have existing mail from Yahoo, you can use it

Many people still remember when Yahoo Mail was one of the most popular email providers during the early days of the internet. As times have changed, so too has the landscape of email providers. One notable movement in this area was the merger of AT&T with Yahoo, which eventually paved the way for Sbcglobal to provide login access for existing Yahoo Mail accounts.

In this blog post, we will discuss how the merger between AT&T and Yahoo has made it possible for users to access their existing mail from Yahoo using Sbcglobal login credentials. We will also walk you through how to perform this task step by step.


The merging of AT&T and Yahoo seems like ages ago at this point, but it’s important to remember that while many things about these major companies have evolved, some things have remained consistent – notably, accessibility for customers who have relied on these services over the years.

One such benefit is access to your existing Yahoo mail through your Sbcglobal account. So, if you previously had a Yahoo mail account before the merger, you are now able to use your same email address and simply login with your Sbcglobal account details. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Visit the Sbcglobal login page

Go to, which functions as the main portal for AT&T users. From there, click on “Sign In” located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Enter your login credentials

Now that you are on the Sign-In page, enter your previous Yahoo email address into the “User ID” field provided. Make sure to include “” at the end of your email address, even though you are trying to access a pre-existing Yahoo account.

Enter your password associated with your original Yahoo account.

Step 3: Click “Sign In”

Once you have entered all necessary information, click “Sign In.” Now you should be able to view and interact with all emails associated with your original Yahoo email address.

Rest assured that no messages or vital information will be lost during this process; everything from your previous Yahoo account will remain intact and accessible through your newly merged Sbcglobal account.

Some additional benefits resulting from this collaboration include greater security measures against spam and fraudulent activity. Now that AT&T has taken over many former aspects of what was once a solely-Yahoo enterprise, users can utilize heightened security measures such as secure encryption protocols provided by AT&T while retaining their existing mail from their old Yahoo accounts.

The merger between AT&T and Yahoo has brought sweeping changes to both companies’ realms, but fortunately for existing users of these email providers; accessibility has been maintained throughout this time of change. If you haven’t already migrated your yahoo mail account over to Sbcglobal following this process, be certain not to miss out on this excellent opportunity. Enjoy the upgraded features provided by AT&T without losing any valuable messages or contacts from your original email account.

Feel free to share our blog post with anyone who may still be unaware of these conveniences or require assistance transitioning their accounts following the merger between these two giants in technology and communication.