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Bellsouth Email Login

Bellsouth email is a free email service account once provided by Bellsouth Telecommunication to its users. Every Bellsouth user needed to create an email account to use the services provided by the company. The email is still in use but under AT&T. 

In 2006, AT&T acquired Bellsouth Telecommunication. After the merger, Bellsouth migrated all its users’ accounts and services to AT&T.

So, users can no longer create a new Bellsouth account. Yet, the domain for the Bellsouth accounts is still active, and its existing users can use it.

To be an active user of AT&T, you need to register yourself with AT&T. Along with other domains, Bellsouth email users can also register themselves with AT&T.

To avail of the internet and other telecommunication services by AT&T, users need to have a corporate account.

By corporate means, you should only use this account to receive bills, receipts, load a complaint about the services, and raise the billing dispute. The company can also use the email account to contact you when needed. However, it depends on which contact methods you have provided to the company.

You can also use this account for messaging like Gmail, but it can put your account in danger. Because AT&T does not guarantee your account security, if you use this account for any personal or third-party conversations, avoid using your account for any personal purpose.

Managing the Bellsouth email account

How to login to the Bellsouth Email account-

  • Next, select the Sign In option.
  • Then, the Sign In page appears.
  • Now, enter your user ID and password.
  • Finally, hit the Sign In button.

Bellsouth Email Login

How to reset the Bellsouth Email account password-

  • To begin with, go to the page.
  • Next, click on the “Forgot Password?” link.
  • Then, enter your User ID and Last name to find the password.
  • Now, hit the Continue button and follow the further instructions to find out and then reset the account password.

How to set up the Bellsouth Email account-

Like any other email service, you are free to set up your Bellsouth email account. But to set up your account, you have to define the incoming and outgoing services for your account. Also, you can either choose POP or IMAP services for your account to send and receive emails.

Server Settings for POP account type-

  • Inbound Server-
  • Inbound Port- 995
  • SSL- yes
  • Outbound server-
  • Outbound Port- 465

Server Settings for IMAP account type-

  • Inbound Server-
  • Inbound Port- 993
  • SSL- yes
  • Outbound server-
  • Outbound Port- 465 or 587

Make sure not to use yahoo in place of the att server because AT&T has ended ties with Yahoo. If you use the Yahoo server, your account will have issues. So use the att server for the settings.

Troubleshooting the issues with the Bellsouth Email account-

These are the most common mailing issues and solutions to tackle the problems with the Bellsouth email account.

Fixing the login issues-

Users can often encounter login issues due to weak internet connectivity and browser issues. These are the tips to fix the problems with login-

  • Close the login window and then open it again to sign in.
  • Try switching to cellular data if you are using a mobile phone.
  • Change the browser, try logging in from a different web browser.
  • Surely avoid using the public Wi-Fi connection.
  • Also, if you are using an email client to log in to your account, close the application and open it again to sign in to your account.

Missing email issue-

Hacking or a large number of spam emails can result in this issue. Eliminate the problem by following these methods-

  • Try changing the account password to prevent account information from a hacker.
  • Delete the unnecessary data from the mail account to create the space in the mail account.
  • Inspect the spam folder to check for the missing emails. Sometimes a technical error can send an email to the spam email folder.

“Failed delivery” or “Problem Found- Message not sent” issues-

Check for the following instructions to get rid of the problem. 

  • Cross-check the recipient’s address. If it is not correct, compose a second mail with the valid address.
  • Look through the blocked account list in case the recipient address is blocked. Then, delete the recipient address from the blocked account list.
  • Make sure that the file size does not exceed the size limit.
  • Ensure not to attach any virus-infected file to the email.

Things to avoid with Bellsouth Email account-

  • Make sure to use the AT&T sign-in page to access the Bellsouth email account. Avoid using any unauthorized webpage or third-party email client to access the account. It can put your account in danger.
  • Also, remember not to use the Yahoo server to access the Bellsouth Email account. You may successfully access your account using the Yahoo server, but this method is most prone to hackers. Instead, ensure only to use the AT&T server to set up your account.​
  • Do not use your account for any personal messaging to prevent your account from spam emails. Because you have to register your Bellsouth Email account with AT&T to use it or avail of the services from the company. The company will use your account to identify your accessed services.

Bellsouth Email support

To resolve the technical issues or to have answers for any of your general queries with the account, you can go to AT&T provides excellent support for its users. But if you require any further information with your account or fix any issue, you can choose to contact them through chat or phone number.

To chat with customer support, go to the Sign-in page and then click on the Forget password? Link. After that, click on the Chat tap.

Bellsouth Email Password Reset

AT&T provides 24×7 support for its customers. Wherefore, feel free to get in touch with them on the given number below- 

  • For inquiries related to the wireless services, contact 800.331.0500.
  • To get help with Mobile devices to contact at 611.
  • For internet, TV, or home phone support, contact at 800.288.2020