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If you are an email user, then you are at the right place. The logging-in process of ATT yahoo email or email is very easy. You just need to use the right steps by using the right guide like this one. So read this to the end to know more about the SBCGlobal Email and Email login.

You may know that the SBCGlobal email and Bellsouth email are now the subsidiaries of AT&T communications, as AT&T took over these companies some years ago. But do not worry. The old Bellsouth and SBCGlobal email accounts are still working. And you can use and domain names with your old accounts to access such accounts.

However, you need to use the web page to access these email accounts.

What happened to ATT Yahoo Mail Login

Before 2017, ATT email and Yahoo Mail were working together. This means, back then, you can access your ATT emails through Yahoo mail address and vice-versa. Users were also able to receive both their ATT emails and Yahoo mails in one single inbox.

But later, they parted ways. Thus, now you cannot access your ATT emails through your Yahoo mail account, and vice versa. Now you need to use the email login page to login into your email account.

Steps to login into the ATT Email Account

Use the following steps to login into your ATT Email account:

  • So foremost, you need to access the official email login page of AT&T., And the official AT&T email login page can only be accessed through the URL
  • Once you land on the email login page, you must enter your complete or SBCGlobal email address in the Username section.
  • Next, you need to enter the password associated with your email account in the Password section.
  • Once you fill in the essential information in the respective fields, hit the Sign-in button.
  • If you are using your own device or personal computer to log in, we recommend selecting the Keep me signed in option. This way, you won’t have to enter your login credentials each time you log in.

If you have saved the URL to access the email account, we recommend replacing it with the URL as the former URL keeps reloading the page every 5 seconds. But if you still want to use this URL, we suggest you use it in the Incognito mode.

You can use anyone from the following list of domain names to access your email account:


In case you forget your SBCGlobal Email or Email Password

There are two different password reset methods, depending upon whether you are using an subscription email ID or a free SBCGlobal or email account. If you are using an subscription email account, then follow these steps to do the password reset:

  • Foremost login into your AT&T account.
  • Then tap on the Profile button.
  • Next, select the My AT&T sign-in password option.
  • And lastly, tap on the Save password information.

But if you are using the free SBCGlobal or email account, then follow these steps to do the password reset:

  • So foremost, open the AT&T email login page using the web link.
  • On the email login page, tap on the Forgot Password button. You will find this button below the Password section.
  • Then on the subsequent page, enter your email address in the Username section.
  • Also, fill in your last name in the Last name section.
  • Lastly, tap on the Continue button and then follow the on-screen instruction to reset your password.

Please enter the asked details carefully, as any wrong or mismatched name or username details could fail the password reset process.

Troubleshoot for Login Issues of ATT and SBCGlobal Email account

Like all other email services, or SBCGlobal email services can also show some occasional errors. You may see these occasional errors in the form of error messages such as The page you are opening is not reachable or Sorry the webpage is not available.

However, you can easily troubleshoot such errors by using the following methods:

  • Firstly, make sure that your internet is working fine. To check this, try to access any web page other than the email login page. If you can’t open any other page as well, then there is an internet connection issue. In such a case, contact your Internet service provider.
  • Sometimes the ATT server outage can also cause a login issue. You can check the server outage by specifying your location on the web page.
  • Make sure that your device is not causing the email login error. Try logging in from a different account to verify.
  • The browser could, sometimes, create a login error. Thus delete the cache and cookies data of your browser and then try to login again.
  • Please update the browser you use to its latest version.
  • Some particular browser types can also cause login errors. Thus, try logging in through some other web browser.
  • Try to disable the third-party Antivirus software of your device if you have one. Because these types of software often restrict the device from accessing some websites due to security reasons. Also, disable the add-ons software of the device for a while.
  • Please make certain that you have enabled the adobe flash player and it is updated to its latest version.
  • Also, update the Java scripts of your device.

How to get the Technical support of AT&T email

In case you are experiencing email issues even after performing the above-given troubleshooting, feel free to contact AT&T tech support. You can get tech support on call by calling 800.288.2020. The tech support executives will resolve all your concerns and issues regarding the email and its other subsidiary email services.

If you cannot get tech support over the phone, you can use AT&T’s social media handles for support. The following are links for the official Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter handles of AT&T:





You can also use the given link to read about the troubleshooting of common AT&T email and SBCGlobal email issues: